miss merry mack

Miss merry mack mack mack

all dressed in black black black

she asked her self what is life

becuase she needs help

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coco puffs

coco puffs are the best

eat too much and you well get sick



COCO puffs are pretty RICH

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LET IT GO!!!!!!!!




god i love frozen

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how was pocahontas a leader?

She said John Smith.

She changed her name for love

She went to england, when she knew people would not like

she accomplihed that no one even though of

she lead her people to unknow places

she is likely the reason the settlers lived

she spoke engesh in one year

she made peace the settler

she was a sign of peace to the USA

No title

hey whats up guys im bored so much see you later!!!!! lol

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Colonial Limner

I work as a colonial Limer.  A Limer is someone who paints other people for money. I have done landscapes but boss says i need to stick with people. Heck he does not even pay me much but i am greatull. The people that come are mean. There is a old lady that comes. I think her name is marble. And they won’t  stop texting when i am working! if you don’t know what texting is it is where people get some paper and put that paper on a bird. Anyways some people mix their paints powders. Me i just dye my paints. I mean it’s a good job if you really think about it. the kings coming got to go!

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Homecoming at White Oak!

At white oak homecoming happens every 3 years. So when it’s that time we go big. We  bring the old people that has no gragerwaited in years when the grown ups are looking and listing the kids go wild. And stuff happens most of the girls are in the bathroom lisning to music and the boys are in the corner talking. the later it gets the wild it gets for the kids. All the grown ups are in the stands. and the kids are undere the bleachers. But i have to say i have never went to a school like this.

life in fifth grade

So far the life in fifth grade has been great. Sometimes  we have to walk laps, but it’s ok because we made it up. And sometimes i mess up. The spelling test are easy lucky for me, So are is the math class. We have hall meetings. they talk to us about what’s happening in the class’s. And the high schoolers come down and help us with papers. I can tell it’s going to be a good year!